Hosting redundancy, for your piece of mind.

We've added another server to the Florence I.T. Hosting mix. This is not due to growth, but in effort to provide truly premium hosting at a level you can only get when there is this much personal attention paid. To be sure, this cuts into the profitability of our hosting, but offers fault tolerance and redundancy that is worth every extra penny. As you may know we lease a server in a Washington DC datacenter for our hosting. I've added another server, this time in Los Angeles, to provide fault tolerance and backup in a geographically disparate area. The systems are configured to backup to each other' accounts daily, in addition to the backups that the datacenter does. And we also backup all of our accounts to Florence, MA once per day. Not only is our disaster recovery plan top notch, but this second server provides a platform to

restore your website and email service in MINUTES if there was ever a problem with either server

Does your hosting offer that?

So, we know you can get a lower price for Hosting. Florence I.T. Hosting offers a premium hosting service based around performance, reliability and fault tolerant values and service. Many hosting providers "over sell", to the point that larger companies may have thousands of hosted websites on each server. We all know that if some of those websites become busy it directly affects your site if you share that server. This is a catch 22 as we all also want an environmentally friendly option, and it goes without saying that the more websites on a server the more "efficient" it is. But if you and the thousands or hundreds of other users on that server aren't getting the performance, promised features and customer support you want, need, and are paying for, is that still efficient? Certainly not. We do it better, and greener:
  • Florence I.T. - carbon balanced with TerraPass
    We have chosen a hosting provider that contributes to reforestation projects at levels exceeding the overall draw of their infrastructure by at least 10 percent. And not only that - Florence I.T. also purchases carbon offsets that are overestimated for our carbon usage estimates: both for our vehicles and data center usage. And finally there is a third element to our efficiency approach and that is our use of virtualization technology. Virtualization allows us to deploy only as many virtual machines as is required by our client base. If your website uses a lot of resources or is very popular, we might configure your website and email on a system with only a few other slower sites to ensure performance is optimal for everyone. Likewise if we had a collection of slower websites we could put more on the same system. If usage starts getting high, we immediately deploy another virtual server. We think it's a smart environmental approach where performance does not suffer.

  • When we say the site is "solar powered, online" we mean it: is hosted in the owner's home which utilizes a small off grid solar setup that runs a super low power (Atom processor, currently) linux server. This system has been running since 2004. To offer clients the absolute best level of redundancy, uptime and performance, we have chosen to run the hosting business on leased servers as described above, in a top tier hosting provider with data centers in DC and LA. You can tell that will load much faster than, and this is the reason. Even Comcast's "business class" internet does not give the throughput you can expect from a datacenter. Ours is a small business and low (relatively) traffic site, so we choose to keep inhouse on our solar, with the knowledge that we sacrifice some speed and performance. We feel it's a minor tradeoff for illustrating a principal we believe in.

  • When you call Florence I.T. for help or with a problem, you get the owner on the phone. When you email us, it goes right to smartphone and we almost always answer immediately.

  • Florence I.T. is a small, virtual business, we run our business out of our home with employees also working from their homes. This allows any number of environmental efficiencies that we take full advantage of. It also ensures that the owner is never far from the office ;)

  • Our hosting offers easy to use and intuitive self service: Email forwarders, autoresponders and spam filtering are all easily configured by end users. If not, call us and walk you through it. We use the industry leading cPanel system that makes email user and website administration VERY EASY.

  • Fantastico Deluxe: have you ever had your web developer deploy a Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal website? Maybe you have wanted to check it out but it seems to complicated. These open source, free database driven web applications offer a lot of power but they can take a couple of hours just to setup sometimes. We offer you a yearly subscription to Fantastico De Lux which allows our clients easy point and click deployment of these and 100+ other web based applications. You don't have to understand anything about the infrastructure of database connections. Just choose "Joomla" (for example) and a couple of clicks later there is a Joomla deployment on your website for you or your web developer to customize.

  • We use a highly rated, managed hosting provider with OUTSTANDING customer service, so that in the event that there is a system administration issue beyond our ability to solve remotely, you can be assured that there are next levels of support that can be accessed PROMPTLY. This also guarantees a team of professionals who are available right there at your server. This costs a little more, but again, it's worth it.

  • We offer daily backups in the Washington DC datacenter free! Plus, off site backups daily to LA and Florence, Massachusetts, where we are based. These backups grab your entire websites, any databases, and any emails that may be in your inbox at the time of the snapshots. They can be brought live on another server in minutes with our fault redundant configuration.

  • Need secure logins? If you don't want to purchase your own SSL certificate (only available on larger account packages), you can use our SSL certificate to have your users check/send email through an encrypted connection.

  • We offer an optional managed email backup service, your emails can be queued in the event there are ever email server issues. You can use this with your mail server or ours. We also offer inline antivurs and spam filtering before it reaches your mail server, again, whether your email is with us, another provider, or in house.

  • We offer (unpublished, except here) discounts to nonprofits, the disabled and elderly.
  • Florence I.T. is dedicated to social and environmental change. We donate at _least_ 15% of our yearly profits to local nonprofits.
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